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Projects for LED Lights

Bar and Restaurant TV Backlighting Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
LED Bar Lighting - DIY (do-it-yourself) LED lighting systems for bars, restaurants, and more.
LED TV Backlight - LED lighting behind TVs offer an unforgettable look and a visually stimulating experience.
Kitchen Cabinet Lighting - LED lights are the perfect for task, accent, or ambiance lighting.
Indoor Outdoor Liquor Bottle Displays
Interior LED Lighting - LED indoor lights for any interior lighting project.
Outdoor LED Lighting - LED Lights for outdoor applications or projects.
LED Liquor Bottle Displays - Add a stylish flare to liquor bottles with LED lights, perfect for bars and restaurants.
Cove and Recessed Lighting Trade Shows / Conventions Retail Windows
LED Cove Lighting - Lighting false ceilings or coves with LED's has never been easier.
LED Lighting for Trade Shows - Add interior LED lighting to trade show booths and "stand-out" from the competition.
Retail Window Lighting with LED - Purchase an LED Lighting Kit and start attracting customers today.
Pictures and Signage Display Cabinets Entertainment Center
Interior Lighting for Pictures & Signage - Add character and energy efficiency to signs by lighting them with LEDs.
LED Display Cabinet Lighting - LED lights are perfect for inside or under cabinet lighting.
Entertainment Center LED Lighting - Add character and style to any Entertainment Center with vibrant LED lighting
Crown Molding & Soffit Bookcases & Shelves Sofa & Furniture
Crown Molding & Soffit Lighting - Add a stylish flair to a living room or bedroom multi colored LED lighting
Bookcase and Shelf Lighting - Enhance the appearance of display items on shelves or bookcases with LED lights
Sofa and Furniture LED Lighting - Make a sofa, bed, or any piece of furniture "pop" with RGB LED lighting kits
Decorative & Memorabilia Computer Backlighting
Decorative & Memorabilia Lighting - Give memorabilia the attention it deserves with brilliant LED lights
LED Computer Backlighting - Create a visually stimulating experience with computer monitor LED backlighting
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